Marketing Authorization/Product Registration Holder Services

We also offers services as MA/PRH on behalf of foreign manufacturers in Malaysia. There are various situations when a foreign manufacturer is exploring to enter the Malaysia pharmaceutical market which can be time consuming. Which adds up to launch delay of their products in Malaysian market. To circumvent this, we can offer to hold MA/PRH of the product on behalf of the manufacturer. Once product registered and manufacturer finalizes a distributor for the product, we will transfer registration of the product to the distributor manufacturer appointed or we can hold registration on behalf of manufacturer and appointing their designated importer/distributor.



Food Products Labelling

Food products in Malaysia are regulated by a different division of Ministry of Health Malaysia – FSQD (Food Safety and Quality Division) Malaysia

There is no registration requirement for importation of general food products into Malaysia. Only requirement is for the label of product to adhere to FSDQ Guidelines. These guidelines include controls for nutrition information table, statement on addition of preservatives/food additives and many others.

NVS offers services to clients for evaluation of the General Food Product if the labelling abides by FSDQ Guidelines. There are also additional requirements for certain types of food product – special purpose food products. NVS will guide the client should a specific Label approval by FSQD is required depending on the type of product.


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